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Our Story

My name is Shakeira Wesley and I was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. I earned my  BA in Psychology from Clark Atlanta University and also met my husband, Tyreke, in the Atlanta University Center where he attended Morehouse College. We married July 23, 2011 and had our first child, Tyson, in December of 2013. About a week after Tyson was born, he was diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease SS. Then in May of 2015, we had our daughter, Jordyn, and she was also diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease SS.

When my children were diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease, I quickly noticed that their providers did not include nutrition in their suggested treatments. This inspired me to do my own research and I discovered that diet plays a major role in minimizing some of the painful effects of the disease. I started We Eat 4 Life because I felt empowered by what I learned and I wanted to help other families that were in similar situations as mine. I believe anyone with Sickle Cell Disease can benefit from a healthy diet and lifestyle.

However, over time we have learned that the battle we are fighting against Sickle Cell is greater than just food. There are environmental, social, racial and healthcare inequities that affect how Sickle Cell patients are cared for. All of which take an emotional and financial toll on caregivers.  This is why we have added the Education and Advocacy pillars to be of support to not only our warriors but those that love them. 

Apart from running WeEat4 Life – I  am a former teacher and current stay at home mom, where my two favorite students are my wonderful children. 

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