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WeEat4Life is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that empowers sickle cell warriors and their caregivers through education,  advocacy and by sharing the power of healthy eating and intentional nutrition awareness.

The organization was founded by Shakeira Wesley after both of her children were diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease SS.

She quickly noticed that their providers did not include nutrition in their suggested treatments. This inspired her to do her own research and she discovered that diet plays a major role in minimizing some of the painful effects of the disease. Shakeira started We Eat 4 Life because she felt empowered by what she learned and wanted to help other families that were in similar situations. Shakeira believes that anyone with Sickle Cell Disease can benefit from a healthy diet and lifestyle.


We aim to improve and extend the lives of individuals with Sickle Cell Disease through nutrition, education, and advocacy.


To improve the quality of life and medical experiences of Sickle Cell warriors and their caregivers.

Organizational Pillars


The purpose of our Education Pillar is to inform sickle cell warriors, caregivers and the communities that love them about the various implications of the disease. We strengthen and support families and communities through research based literature, videos, workshops , seminars, speaking engagements and programming.


The advocacy pillar is where we fight for our sickle cell warriors and families on the macro level. We raise awareness , visibility and advocate for policies that promote the equitable treatment of sickle cell warriors.


Our organization was founded on the idea that food could be used as medicine for the unique needs of sickle cell warriors. Our nutrition pillar is a research based , targeted approach to healthy eating to improve the lives of individuals with sickle cell disease.

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